Allmade Haiti Experience Challenge

What if you had a chance to take the trip of a lifetime that would change the way you look at life? Would you take it? Would you work for it?

I have been to Haiti six times now for Allmade exploration and development and have taken five groups with almost 100 different people. I can honestly say that not one person who I have traveled with has not had a life impacting experience. Some were motivated, some were given perspective, many were moved to tears, and many lives were change that will never be the same.

We’d like to create a WIN WIN opportunity for you to be our guest in Haiti this January for your first Allmade Experience of 2019


Simply help us move 1500 shirts between now and December 1st and we will buy your plane ticket and take care of all expenses in Haiti. You just have to bring spending cash and ensure you properly prepared to travel internationally (See Haiti Experience details HERE or email

Who Qualifies?

Everyone who has not had the chance to travel to Haiti with us yet. Can you bring someone else? Absolutely, bring your partner, a team member, or a friend and experience it together. You can either sign them up HERE and pay for them or sell 3000 shirts and we will pay for their expenses as well.

Why? 2 Reasons!

  1. My life was changed, my soul convicted, and Allmade was started with just one Haiti trip to Haiti with my family in August of 2016. I know how much it means to really experience it and we want to help give this opportunity to as many people as possible!
  2. 1500 t-shirts is a BIG deal for Allmade! As you can see on our Allmade Impact Calculator, 1500 shirts helps keep our factory busy by providing 15 days of living wage jobs. It saves 253 lbs of chemicals and 600 lbs of oil from being used, going into our shirts and damaging our planet. It recycles 9000 water bottles and it changes 120 Haitian lives for a day not to mention the hundreds of USA jobs it helps support. Every shirt counts, every order matters, and with a chance to go with us to Haiti, it’s even more of a reason to #makeitbettertogether


Email and we would be happy to answer them!

Want more information on the Haiti Experience? Click HERE

Apply for Wholesale Access today to join this competition

Hope to see you there,

Ryan Moor

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